Culture Revolve with Lemotion Photo

Lemotion unveiled Flores culture as an addition touch to their project called “Culture Revolve”. Last year, they had a chance to travel and explore Flores. The breathtaking scenery and the people’s warmth will always resonate them for a long time and they want you all to feel it, too! Dalang Indonesia built a forest miniature, which made them feel like they were in a real Flores nature. And the attire worn in the photoshoot is Tenun Ikat Flores that made up of natural materials.

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Model : @amiwaw

Makeup : @ochiipramita
Hair do : @ratnabela
Tenun ikat : @noesa.satu
Accessories : @noesa.satu + @made.jkt & Watubo
Decoration : @dalangindonesia
Photographer : @andriazmo
Stylist : @wiarpinaardin
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