Labu Adat (Baju Adat)

Labu Adat is a Sikanese language. It means “Baju Adat” or Traditional Attire.

Women in different stages of their lives wear different attire. The older they get and as they are married, the more they cover their bodies.

In Maumere, an unmarried girl wears and ikat sarong with Baju Tengge, or they called it “Labu Tengge” and for her hair they do  Ala Gelong” or low bun.

Meanwhile, Married women wears an ikat sarong with Latern Sleeve top, or they called it “Labu Liman Gete”. And for her hair, they make a high bun, and they called “Ala Legend” they also using ivory hair stick to lock the bun.

Illustration by Meyoong

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